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Eastern Healing Arts

"An intellectual understanding of physical pain or anxiety does not necessarily lead to a cure. The physical healing of a chronic disease does not necessarily make us whole." - Tom Adams

The goal of EASTERNHEALING ARTS (EHA) is to remind people of their true nature and give them the information and tools to continue to identify with - as well as deepen - the direct experience of the sacred presence within themselves. This is traditionally done through practices such as meditation, mantras, study and reflection. This can also involve the use of a variety of other methods relating to our physical, mental, emotional and subtle energy bodies, which includes the use healing herbs, crystal gemstones and sound vibrations (Tibetan Singing Bowls) to name a few.

EASTERN HEALING ARTS skillfully combines the healing methods of Chi kung, Esoteric Healing, Spiritual Healing , Chakra and energy healing. Articles referring to these aspects are found under the site's Eastern Healing Arts link. Some articles were specifically requested of me from people suffering from problems with Kundalini, most of which have the word kundalini in the title.

Additional articles that you will find on this website were written on a wide range of topics that are designed to hopefully supply you with more information and greater clarity of mind or awareness in order to help facilitate your physical, emotional and mental healing.

"You ought not to heal the body without the soul, for this is the great error of our day in treating the human body." – Plato

Founded and run by spiritual healer and medical intuitive Tom Adams, EHA is dedicated to freeing all beings from suffering and the causes of suffering.

About EHA

It is important to realize that although books, articles and teachings about meditation, spirituality and healing are helpful for increasing awareness, it essential to have an experienced guide and intuitive to supply an even-deeper understanding of the philosophical aspects of these teachings and spiritual tools - to fine tune the practical application of these wisdom teachings and techniques specific for you.

I offer counseling and healing sessions for those that may be interested or in need of such guidance. Additional information is available on the Eastern Healing Arts link. It is my sincere aspiration that you will find, heal and grow with what you find on my website.

Nemefits of Eastern Healing Arts

– Restored Health, Harmony and Well-Being
– Increased Energy and Mental Clarity
– Improved Creativity and Productivity
– Energizing and Strengthening of the Immune System
– Balanced Chakras and Energy Body
– Relief from Kundalini Syndrome
– Accelerated Healing Process (take less time to heal)
– Long Distance Healing (Anywhere in the World)
– Increased Quality of Life
– Feels Good!

Site News
Updated: Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ondamed. Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy. Now available at Eastern Healing Arts.

For Yoga Centers, Wellness/Health and Meditation Professionals
Information regarding Singing Bowls and current availability..

New Entry in Testimonial Section

Dharma Goods: Updates for Spring 2011 [Link opens in new window]
Spring Savings and new items at our Dharma Goods Store. Special pricing on Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces. These special necklaces have been very effective in healing, relationships, creativity, and prosperity. is the sister-site of Eastern Healing Arts.

Healing Herbs: Shou Wu Plus
A well-known liver and kidney tonic - available for online purchase on EHA. [Update 04.21.2011- SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

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