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Margaret Schirman, New York (age 87) I think that the best thing from my experience was the fact that someone who was a stranger and lived hundreds of miles away, was willing and able to help me. My energy is restored and my hearing is clearer. My eye doctor, on my six month check up, said my eyes had not deteriorated any more from macular degeneration and did not need laser treatments.

Karen Ginand, Waterbury, CT I asked Tom to help a friend's six week old daughter in the intensive care unit just before Christmas 1995. The doctors didn't know if she would live. Tom worked on her ( from his home), without even knowing the medical diagnosis and about three or four hours later she made such a complete recovery that everyone was amazed, the doctors sent her home the next day and she is still doing fine.

Stephen, Colorado I had been suffering from constant prostate pain and infection for over a year. My doctors had me try many different antibiotics but nothing worked. My first session with Tom the pain was gone completely, it returned slightly a week later, after two more sessions it was gone for good. What a relief!

CT I have been meditating and practicing Kundalini Yoga for several years now. I was experiencing a great deal of kriyas, ( physical and emotional blockages)and it was interfering with my work. Tom helped remove these blocks on the subtle energy level. I am much calmer now and able to experience clearer meditations without all the physical discomfort and emotional pain.

Peter I have been meditating for over 20 Years. Prior to having Tom work on me I had been experiencing energy blocks in my throat, heart, solar plexus and lower back, that were causing me some physical pain. I was unable to concentrate and the quality of my meditations had been very poor. The first session with Tom the blockage in my solar plexus opened, the pain in my lower back disappeared and energy shot up my spine opening my heart and continued up into my head. I went into the deepest, most wonderful meditation that I'd had in a long time.

Ken I was at a public meditation program a few years back when I went into an asthmatic attack . My breathing was so labored that I felt the need to leave, as I was going out the door Tom Adams was heading in and saw I was having difficulty and offered to help. Within five minutes my lungs started opening, Tom stayed with me five, ten minutes longer until my breathing was almost normal again. I was then able to return to the meditation program . Since then he has helped me work through some issues that had been plaguing me for years, the quality of my life has improved greatly.

Jeremy I was working for Tom painting a house one summer when I was stung on the arm by a bee. I am deathly allergic to bees and my arm swelled instantly, I felt the venom going up my arm towards my heart and I panicked. I told Tom what had happened and he started to work on me immediately, he moved the poison out of my arm somehow, my pulse rate calmed down, the swelling disappeared and I was completely normal , without a shot, all in about five minutes. I felt so good that I returned to work as though nothing had happened.

KS, Fairfield, CT I was driving home after hearing that my son had been admitted into Norwalk Hospital because he was showing symptoms of the onset of bacterial meningitis. He could not hold his head up and was moving in and out of sleep, unable to keep his eyes open one moment, then cogent and aware the next. The hospital started to treat him with intravenous antibiotics. I called Tom on the phone and told him what was happening. Tom worked on healing him from a distance while my wife and I stayed with my son in the hospital through the night. When my son awoke the next morning his symptoms were gone. It has been a great blessing for me and my family to know Tom.

On another occasion, I had been in terrible pain with tendonitis of my right wrist. I had received cortisone injections on two separate occasions but they only provided relief for a very limited time period. My doctor recommended a surgical procedure if there was no continual response from the injections. I called Tom and told him of this problem, and we set up subsequent healing sessions. After the first session, the pain in my hand was significantly relieved. After the second and last session for this condition, my hand was completely healed, and has stayed healed with no change of lifestyle or activity required.

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