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Charlie, Connecticut I had serious back pain for a year and wasn't able to work. I went to doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors and a reiki healer and although some of them helped, the pain never went away. Then I went to see Tom . He scanned my energy and told me straight away that the pain in my back was the result of repression of my spiritual nature. He said I was ready for a big spiritual shift but had been unconsciously holding myself back. I was skeptical because nothing else had worked but we began the session. Tom was working with some acupressure points when he said that he was going to help me open up to some higher spiritual centers. Shortly after, I saw an oriental guide appear, who I'd never seen before and I thought he was trying to tell me something, Tom continued with some spiritual healing and acupressure and then the session was over. I felt lighter and much more relaxed but the pain hadn't gone away. Tom said don't worry because it might take a little while for this new shift in my energy to integrate fully. I went out to my truck to go home when I went to twist and stretch my back a little and I heard a loud pop and the pain was gone. This was in December 1998, the guide who had appeared during that session continues to appear in my meditation. I didn't know who he was until I saw a picture of him in a book during a visit to the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery, in Woodstock, NY. When I saw his picture that first time it felt like a shaft of light was poring down through me. His name is Kalu Rinpoche, an enlightened meditation master of the Karma Kagyu lineage in Tibetan Buddhism. Since that session with Tom , I have continued to experience profound insights and transformation in my spiritual life. 5.3.01

Duffy, Kansas City, Missouri Tom helped me prepare for and recover from a surgery. In addition he helped me with a blocked spinal heart chakra - something I'd been working to clear for some months to little avail.

I tend to be extremely wary of healers as I've had some run-ins with pranic healers who really messed with me at the time that my kundalini was fiercely raging. I also believe in being responsible for oneself and in learning to know oneself and how best to care for oneself, physically, emotionally and otherwise. But part of that is knowing when it's time to ask for help.

After reviewing Tom's website and talking with him on the phone I felt that Tom is someone who has studied his art and has achieved a high level of proficiency in his healing abilities.

From the sessions I had with Tom I can say that he is most gentle and never forces anything. I could feel the work he was doing (which was long distance) and absolutely felt better after he was done. He worked hard to help me recover after my surgery and I can say I bounced back with a vigor that surprised most of my family.

Based on my own experience I do believe that Tom can help with kundalini problems and other health issues as well. And if one does have awakened kundalini, Tom can work with it without aggravating it or creating imbalances. It's great to know that there is a healer I can turn to when I do need help. 05.03.01

John, Connecticut When I first began working with Tom, I had recently gotten sober, was in intensive therapy and was hanging on to a very destructive and painful relationship. I was also having some health problems. Through mindfulness practice, Tom was able to help me help myself to de-compartmentalize my life and to start integrating my body, mind and spirit. He also showed me how "processing" all my primal pain through the regular channels was sometimes keeping me stuck there. And I will always remember that one morning when I was at my absolute lowest ebb, Tom called me. Why? Because he knew! Tom Adams is a valuable resource. I am grateful that I know him.

Anonymous When I first called Tom I was extremely negative and fearful. I had left a long marriage to a person involved in satanic abuse. I felt I had been cursed and was so desperate that I called Tom several times a day for guidance and reassurance that I was going to be alright. Tom was very patient with me and assured me that my life wasn't hopeless. I began long distance healing and counseling with him and after the very first healing I felt tremendous relief. After the fifth session I felt much stronger and I could see the dark cloud that I'd been in for so many years and I had flashes of a wonderful clarity and lightness and freedom for the first time in many years. It has been a process, but my life has improved faster than I could have ever imagined. Tom thank you for helping me get my life back.

Trisha Anderson, Wisconsin My healing sessions have been most profound to me. I've rarely felt such deep inner shifts of perception and insight and renewal of energy as I did after my second session with Tom. He clearly cuts through all the layers of defenses and old stuck energy patterns and heals issuesat their core where they originate. I'm a busy person and life seems short. It's great knowing that healing doesn't have to take years!

Claire, Oregon I had kidney failure in November 1994. As the solutions offered by traditional medicine were limited (dialysis and transplant), I thought about Esoteric healing . Tom has been my healer for seven months now. I've never been so healthy (without medication) and my whole perception about life has. A huge improvement in the health, intellectual and spiritual areas of my life! Thank you very much. Merci.

Daniel Kane, WA The healing work that I have experienced with Tom Adams has been wonderful. Prior to my healing sessions with Tom, I was easily upset and angered and always felt rushed with my schedule. In just a few sessions I have become a lot more relaxed, better able to concentrate and more practical in my business and personal life. I feel physically stronger and no longer worry about some of my past mistakes. The results have also assisted me in my spiritual life.

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