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Disease is a result of the inhibited flow of life force (soul).
How we think, speak, act and even breathe effect the flow
of this life force. – Alice Bailey

We suffer in life because we are ignorant of our true nature, the Absolute Awareness, Love, Compassion and Wisdom that is the one true source of all health, prosperity, peace and joy. We find ourselves attached, to varying degrees, to the illusion of a concrete, independent ego self, separate from our true nature. This dualistic thinking keeps us apart from realizing Absolute Love and Wisdom and also separates us from each other and the world. These concepts and beliefs limit our perception and we remain stuck in the illusion of how we think life is or should be. We tend to push away or ignore our painful emotional experiences and grasp onto and cling to the pleasant ones. Instead of being open and accepting of lifes experiences pleasant or unpleasant, we contract from life and put up walls to protect ourselves. When our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are out of alignment or harmony with how life truly is, our energy bodies become imbalanced and if they stay this way long enough, this often results in some form of stress related physical, emotional or mental illness.

The intention of Tom's spiritual counsel is to remind the individual of their spiritual nature and to help bring the light of awareness to these self limiting concepts and false habitual thinking patterns. Awareness of the source or cause of ones suffering is also the way to wake up from illusion and become free of suffering. As a spiritual counselor, Tom provides very practical and effective methods for creating the space that allows deep clear insight to naturally arise and facilitate freedom from suffering. These methods include mindfulness training, meditation, and guided visualization in conjunction with spiritual healing. They help to alleviate stress, prevent similar future suffering, and facilitate the spiritual growth process. Many individuals feel the benefits of increased inner peace and harmony at the core of their being.

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Revised/Updated Wed, May 11, 2011
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