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Prana is a sanskrit word meaning vital energy or life force. Prana permeates everything in the universe. It is called Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Ruah or breath of life in Hebrew. Pranic Psychotherapy and Healing is the art and science of the use of prana within the chakra / nadi system for physical and mental/emotional healing.

The energy body (aura) is a field of energy that contains the physical as well as etheric, emotional, mental and causal (soul) bodies. The etheric body consists of the pathways of energy (nadis), which converge at different spots in the energy body to form the energy centers (chakras). These energy centers (chakras) govern the flow of energy and the health of the physical organs associated with them . The advanced prana healer can see, feel and work with the seven main energy centers as well as the numerous minor and mini centers.

The seven main energy centers, beginning at the base of the spine up to the crown of the head, also correspond to gradually increasing levels of greater conscious awareness. The lower centers relate to the more physical levels of consciousness and the highest centers in the head to increasing spiritual awareness. Our thoughts and feelings are forms of energy reflected in the energy centers and the energy field. Each of the main centers has specific emotional and psychological issues associated with them. Unhealthy thought patterns and blocked emotions create imbalances in the energy bodies and can manifest as a wide range of ailments.

Pranic Therapy works directly on the emotional and psychological ailments in the energy body. As a pranic healer, Tom Adams helps restore balance and harmony with non-judgemental loving awareness focused directly within the chakras and energy bodies. One of the unique benefits of Prana Therapy is that it is effective for animals, infants, young children, autistic children, and non communicative adults where counseling is not an option. When it is an option, Prana Therapy works great in conjunction with Tom's spiritual counsel .

Revised/Updated Wed, May 11, 2011
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