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Custom Healing Gemstones
Eastern Healing Arts / Dharma Goods

I have been offering my healing services to individuals for many years. Recently, I began integrating the use of gemstones and Tibetan healing bowls into my practice as a means to work with the more elemental earth aspects of the healing spectrum. This practice has evolved into creating specifically designed necklaces for my healing clients. I am now offering these custom healing necklaces through DharmaGoods and Eastern Healing Arts.

The process begins by looking at your energy body through long distance viewing.* You can, as well, share any personal issues that you’d like to address (ie. health issues, prosperity, relationships, etc.) by phone or email. Many of my healing clients live in other countries and have had tremendous results and stories to tell about the entire experience.

Gemstones are then chosen which will best serve your personal energetic needs. I am happy to announce that renowned clairvoyant healer and spiritual teacher, Malou Dusyn, is now doing these readings, personally choosing your gemstones and empowering them specifically for you. I take the gemstones that Malou has chosen and individually design your healing necklace. The necklace is further empowered through special feng shui techniques.

These special necklaces have been very effective for supporting one's body, healing, relationships, creativity, and prosperity. The necklaces are worn against your skin so that the empowered gemstones can radiate and be absorbed into your body with daily wear. Specific length necklaces are available.

The prices for these necklaces start at $175 and are individually created. The cost includes the energy reading, design, and completed gemstone necklace. For additional information on Custom and Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces, please visit my new Healing Necklace website. or contact me by email or phone.

Tom Adams Intuitive Healer

* You can read more about distant healing and energy viewing on the Eastern Healing Arts site.

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