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There are many different methods of healing available these days and they all correspond to the different levels of understanding or spiritual realization of the practitioner. There are two main categories of healing that are based on two aspects of reality, the relative and the absolute. Energy healing is based on a dualistic understanding, or relative reality and Spiritual healing is based on some degree of realization of the non-dual, absolute nature of life.

ENERGY HEALERS work with the prana or chi in the chakra and the meridian system or just generally in the human energy field. The prana/chi is the vital force or energy sometimes called the "life force", which is found in every living thing; the earth, water, plants and the air we breathe. The energy healing group includes prana healers, chi healers, reiki healers , psychic healers, magnetic healers, vibrational healers, crystal healers and the many different other variations that are formed around the use of the prana or chi energy.

Many prana healers view the energy as negative vs. positive , healthy vs. diseased, under-active vs. over-active, or depleted vs. energized, and they work by removing the diseased energy and energizing with the positive or "healthy energy". Traditional prana healers work with the energy centers, (chakras) and the field of energy permeating and surrounding the human body, (the aura).

Most chi healers, view the energy as blocked vs. unblocked, or balanced vs. unbalanced in relation to the principles of yin and yang or the five elements. The approach here is to send the chi energy to energize and unblock the energy pathways or meridians. Some chi healers also work with chi kung movements.

Reiki healing is a relatively new and popular form of prana/chi healing . The reiki healers also send chi/ki energy to their clients and use symbols that were created to represent different healing energies.

The prana/chi energy is more subtle than electrical or magnetic energy and the various healing methods for using it appear very different, however generally speaking they are all relatively linear approaches of using or manipulating energy within the etheric and sometimes astral body, based on relative or dualistic thinking. This means that whether the results of using the prana/chi energy is going to be helpful or harmful, is dependent upon the knowledge and expertise of the practitioner. If the energy healer cannot clearly see or feel the energy in all the chakras and/or the meridians, then in truth, they don't really know if the client's energy is in balance or not when the healing is finished. Many energy healers, although good intentioned, often create additional problems for their clients and unknowingly think it is some form of beneficial "healing crisis". Tom has helped restore balance and harmony for other energy healers and their clients. There are many different variations of the three basic approaches to energy healing mentioned above and when used in a skillful manner they can be very effective for a wide range of disorders. Although this is an oversimplification of energy healing , generally speaking it is accurate.

SPIRITUAL HEALERS are those who have realized some degree of absolute or non-dual awareness. Absolute awareness is non dualistic because it is the one true source of absolute peace, love, wisdom, supply, health and harmony. It has always been and will always be spontaneously present. Absolute awareness is often referred to as God, Buddha Nature, Self, etc. Tibetan Buddhists often describe Buddha Nature as self illuminating, spacious awareness. It is self illuminating or aware because it is always present and yet it is not an object of experience, and therefore cannot be manipulated or misused. Non- dual awareness is undifferentiated, which means it is the inseparable union of absolute and relative reality.

The spiritual healer has some realization of Absolute Truth and an understanding that perceives what is not true ie. the relative , impermanent and dualistic nature of all things perceived through the senses. Healing based on this level of understanding is radically different from the energy healing approach.

The spiritual healer does not manipulate or move energy, they realize harmony or absolute awareness within themselves, and all things in the phenomenal world. They have an understanding of the relative, impermanent nature of dis-ease or disharmony and simultaneously have an understanding of the absolute nature from which it arises and appears to exist. They realize that attachment to the false, limiting concept and belief in a separate, concrete, independent ego self is the ultimate cause of all suffering, it is dualistic and it separates us from Absolute Truth, from each other and the world.

Tom has found that spiritual healing with a clear view of the relative framework of the physical, etheric, astral/emotional, mental and causal "bodies" has been very effective for healing a much wider range of conditions than when he first began healing as a prana/chi healer. Tom helps others to realize absolute awareness, the one true source of healing, that underlies the relative appearance of pain, disease or suffering. Many people have become free of their physical, mental and emotional symptoms as well as the underlying causes of the condition. This results in greater health and harmony at all levels of their being.


Revised/Updated 5/11/11
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