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$38 USD per 250 mL bottle.
Organs Affected: Spleen, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Urinary Bladder
Ingredients: Astragulas, Self Heal, Fu Ling, Bupleurum, Atractylodes, Water plantain, Dandelion.
Dosage: 1 tablespoon once daily on empty stomach before meal or bedtime

Usage: It has been found to help metabolism and elimination. It helps some people to lose weight in a slow but steady way. It alleviates allergy symptoms, especially when used in conjunction with buffered vitamin C, which is a natural anti-histamine. Some users found that their allergy symptoms disappear after about one year of continued use.


$38 USD per 250 mL bottle.
Organs Affected: Lungs, Liver
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum

Dosage: 1 Tablespoon daily on an empty stomach for cold and flu prevention.
Dosage: 1 teaspoon 3 or more times daily when already having a cold.

Usage: This product is similar to Echinacea in its antibiotic effects.

Many people respond better to Chrysanthemum than to Echinacea and claim to be free from colds and flu all winter only with the Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tincture can be used for extended periods of time without any adverse effects. Chrysanthemum also seems to be more effective for headaches than feverfew and other types of live related headaches can also be effectively relieved. It can also help asthma sufferers. In one case a man was completely freed from his asthmatic symptoms.

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