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Liver and gallbladder congestion and stagnation are common problems.  A weak liver can be the cause of many chronic health problems. Pain, constant fatigue, sleep disorders, heart palpitations, poor memory, skin problems, allergies, arthritis, thyroid problems, frequent urination, fainting and poor eyesight are a few examples of what may result when the liver is stressed.

A weak gallbladder and gall stones may be associated with headaches, shoulder and neck pain. According to Chinese medicine, when gallstones are present, the weak gallbladder makes energy flow along the meridians sluggish and result in tense and tight feeling.  If blood circulation becomes so poor that the blood flow becomes stagnant, pain is the result. The presence of gallstones is often a contributing factor to weak spleen because the nerves on the spleen and gallbladder are connected to each other.

The herbs offered below are prepared by Julia Chang, a Chinese herbalist and clinical chemist with many years experience relieving the problems associated with the liver and gall bladder. For additional information regarding these herbs, and problems associated with the liver and gall bladder read the article: Conquering Chronic Diseases Without Drugs or Surgery.


$38 USD per bottle. One 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) bottle. Ingredients: Gold Coin Grass, Bupleurum. Organs affected: Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder. This tincture is traditionally used for softening and crushing gallstones. It is often used as a preparatory herb for a full liver/gallbladder flush, and it can often alleviate gallbladder pain from gallstones within a few days. Gallstones will be smaller and easier to pass.

Usage: take 1 tablespoonful (about 15 mL) once daily on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before breakfast.

Notes: While GCG can be taken with Chinese Bitters, this combination puts extra strain on your body and results will vary from person to person. If your body does not react well, you will experience side-effects such as headaches. If this happens, avoid taking them together.


$38 USD per 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) bottle. Ingredients: Chinese Gentian, Bupleurum. Organs affected: Liver, gallbladder, urinary bladder. These herbs are traditionally used to purge toxins from your liver, and also as a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help with arthritic joint pains. They also stimulate the production of digestive fluids.

Chinese Bitters can be used by both men and women, but it has particular application to certain womens' problems such as menstrual cramping, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, hot flashes, and endometriosis. Some women with fertility problems have successfully used its menstrual regulation properties in order to become pregnant.

Usage: take 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful (about 5 mL) once daily on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before breakfast. Chinese Bitters should not be used in conjunction with any other medications, but if you must use other medications, you should make sure to separate them from the Bitters with a meal (ie- if you take Bitters before breakfast, take your other medication before lunch). Side-effects can include headaches (in which case you should reduce the dosage until the headaches disappear; some people reduce to as little as 1/8 teaspoonful and then slowly work their way up as they detoxify). Chinese Bitters should not be taken continuously for more than a month without at least a week-long break because liver detoxification puts a strain on your liver.

Notes: If you are taking Chinese Bitters in order to cleanse your liver, you might also want to do a liver/gallbladder flush in order to eliminate gallstones because a loaded gallbladder will tend to cause liver problems to return. You should avoid foods that congest the liver, such as spicy foods and nuts (particularly roasted nuts) and especially deep-fried foods.


$39 USD per 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) bottle. Ingredients: Coptis, Chinese Scutelleria Root. Organs Affected: Heart, Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Large Intestine. Coptis improves bile flow, which in turn improves digestion of food as well as quality of sleep. When used in conjunction with Chinese Bitters, it also helps purge excess estrogen from your system.

Usage: 1 teaspoonful (about 5 mL) to 1 tablespoonful (about 15 mL) once daily on an empty stomach before bedtime.

Notes: Be warned that the taste of Coptis is extremely bitter (more so than other tinctures). Some users may experience harder than normal stools initially. This is normal and is caused by the increase in bile flow which improves digestion and intestinal wall lubrication, hence the stool moves faster and becomes "packed" at the end. To alleviate this initial reaction, it is helpful to wake up earlier than normal and drink 2 glasses of warm water, followed by low-intensity exercise (all before you eat your breakfast). This will help "activate" your intestinal movements and your kidneys.


$38 USD per 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) bottle. Ingredients: Curcuma, Bupleurum. Organs Affected: Liver, Gallbladder, Heart, Lungs. Curcuma has been found to improve energy circulation (your "Chi" in Chinese medicine) and blood circulation, which helps with depression and sleep problems. It also helps to resolve bruises and blood clots.
Usage: 1 tablespoonful (about 15 mL) once daily on an empty stomach before bedtime.

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