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Long Distance Spiritual Healing

Distant Healing, also known as remote healing, long distance healing, absent healing, and non-local healing, has been happening since ancient times with shamans and medicine men and continues in modern times. There are many types of distant healers corresponding to the various levels of understanding or spiritual realization of the practitioner. The two main types of understanding are based on two aspects of reality, the relative and the absolute.

The distant energy healer works with the prana or chi in the chakras and/or the meridian system or just generally in the human energy field. The chakras, meridians and energy field are still part of relative reality.

We know from quantum physics that everything in the relative universe is energy and everything is interconnected. Time and space are mental constructs or ideas which do not apply to this quantum energy field or to the use of prana or chi energy. Therefore the distant energy healer can affect your energy whether you are 5 feet away or 5000 miles away. Although prana/chi energy can be used for distant healing it is still limited to the relative physical and subtle energy fields.

Although the energy healer can very effectively cure some disorders, they can and often do, unknowingly create additional problems for others, particularly people with kundalini disorders and already overly stimulated energy bodies. This also applies to all distant healing.

The distant spiritual healer does not manipulate or move energy; they realize harmony or absolute awareness within themselves, and within others. They have an understanding of the relative, impermanent nature of dis-ease or disharmony and simultaneously have an understanding of the absolute nature from which it arises and appears to exist. They realize that attachment to the false, limiting concept and belief in a separate, concrete, independent egoic self is the ultimate cause of all suffering - it is dualistic, it separates us from Absolute Truth, from each other and the world.

The spiritual healer is simply Being and “recognizing” Being in others. Someone once said, “We are not human beings, we are Being appearing as humans.” The spiritual healer is simply Being and appearing as a link or opening to Being in others, reminding and teaching them how to realize Being within themselves. Being transcends and appears as everything in relative reality and is not limited by it.

Spiritual Healers work at the deepest root causes of illness and can therefore cure many of the physical, mental and emotional problems and illness’s which energy healers may help to temporarily relieve but not cure.

These brief words that I’ve written are at best an intellectual pointer attempting to show something that is ultimately an ineffable mystery. No one can truly explain how distant healing, or spiritual healing works. Being-Awareness simply IS and when we realize this, then Spiritual Healing may happen.

If you are not able to come for an office visit with Tom, you can schedule a Distant Healing Session with him. Distant Healing can be just as effective as seeing your healer in person. Tom has the clairvoyant ability to scan the layers of your aura, the chakras, meridians and the physical body from his office. He can see where the physical, emotional , mental and energy problems appear and help restore balance and harmony at a distance, anywhere in the world; in fact, most of Tom’s healing is done long distance.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose Distant Healing Sessions:

– You may live too far away and it is out of your budget to travel,
– You are too sick or in too much pain to travel, or in the hospital, or have other reasons for not being able to travel,
– You may have a very busy schedule and wish to save precious time,
– You may be shy or uncomfortable with sharing your personal information with someone else face to face,
– You may have infants or young children who need healing and don’t require any counseling, and don’t want to sit still, or
– You may want to have a healing done for a family member or friend in need.

Distant healing can be done on the phone or a time can be set for your healing session, you would begin the session on the phone and then you can hang up the phone and sit or lie down quietly for 45 minutes while Tom does the healing. After the healing, you can call or e-mail for feedback or further instruction.

If you are on business flying around the country or the world and are not able to set a specific time for the healing, then just pick a day and Tom will do the healing and you can receive feedback and instruction by e-mail.

Call 860-350-8959 for a free initial consultation or more for more information.

Tom has performed hundreds of distant healings, successfully helping many people from all over the USA and around the world. Also see, Testimonials.

Revised/Updated: 5/11/11
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