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Chi is the Chinese word for vital energy, the force that flows through all life. Chi flows through the human energy body via the meridian system. Kung literally means cultivation. It also refers to a level of accomplishment achieved through regular disciplined practice. Chi Kung or energy cultivation refers to a wide variety of practices using mind, movement and breath with the intention of increasing and moving the chi in the body to improve and maintain radiant health and longevity.Chi Kung Acupressure is an effective form of bodywork integrated with the use of chi. Acupressure works on the points along the meridian system as in acupuncture, only without the needles. The experienced practitioner of Chi Kung Acupressure uses a combination of hands on and hands off techniques using the acupoints and meridians to remove blockages to the flow of chi and balance the chi energy throughout the energy body.

Tom's healing approach to acupressure is unique. He focuses the harmony realized through non judgemental awareness in the acupoints and meridians and they are naturally restored to balance, allowing the chi to flow freely throughout the energy body without having to consciously manipulate the energy. This combination of spiritual healing and Chi Kung acupressure works on the chi in the meridian system and also the more subtle levels of consciousness. This helps facilitate clearing of the deeper emotional blockages and unhealthy habitual thought patterns that often underlie the blocked energy meridians.

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Revised/Updated Wed, May 11, 2011
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