Eastern Healing Arts 2008 [Tom Adams]

All gemstones with the exception of Coral and Pearl, are minerals created by extreme heat and pressure within the earth. The healing properties of gemstones correspond to their unique vibrational energy and the particular frequency of light energy which they transmit and receive. The various frequencies of energy which the different gemstones absorb and radiate, are seen in their particular color.

Here are some of the traditional healing properties and characteristics of these gemstones.

Amber [Golden]
Calming, and clearing. It helps cleanse negative energy.

Amber [Red]
Highly recommended for grounding. Stimulates physical energy.

Increases vivid dreams, enhances peace, and love, fosters one's intuitive capacity, and higher spiritual aspirations.
The purple/violet color is very cleansing and healing.

Grounding. Good for physical energy, verbal skills, and clarity of thought.

Calms and stabilizes the emotions. Promotes well being and harmony.

There are many different color jades with different properties ranging from Increased clarity of dreams, development of wisdom, prosperity, humility, generosity and healing.

Lapis Lazuli [Rare]
A powerful stone used for purifying emotions and mental negativity. Tibetan Buddhists use Lapis Lazuli malas for Medicine Buddha Healing rituals. It increases wisdom, intuition, clarity and awareness.

Powerful stone helps release negative emotions, and strengthen ones aura.

Promotes personal energy, self control, clarity of thinking, decision making. Highly recommended for mental functions.

Purity, faith, integrity, fertility, sincerity and wisdom.

Rose Quartz
Very powerful for increasing love and compassion, healing emotional wounds, forgiveness, and happiness.
The rose/pinkish color corresponds to the heart chakra.

Tigers Eye
Helps business, practical matters, intelligence, clarity of mind, financial stability, strengthens will, courage and confidence.
Excellent for mental faculties.

Success in activity. Promotes self expression, communication in relationships, health and personal growth.

A Master Healing Stone. Fosters healthy relationships, attracts good fortune, prosperity, happiness, releases shame and guilt. Protects and cleanses the body from environmental pollutants. Strengthens the body against illness. Helps align the subtle body.

It is believed that turquoise brings prosperity, good fortune, strength and helps overcome illness. Native Americans have praised the qualities of turquoise since the time of the Aztecs. The Navajos believed it could help appease the “Wind Spirits” and the Tibetans use turquoise in their ritual religious objects as well as jewelry, also to temper the “Winds” ie.prana.

Turquoise was esteemed by Tibetan Shamans for both its spiritual and physical healing and protective qualities. Ancient manuscripts from India, Afghanistan and the Middle East also refer to the healing effects of wearing turquoise.

Due to the degradation of our planet, and the many stress related illness’s of our modern times, the earthly elements and healing properties of turquoise and other gemstones are made increasingly more important, useful and popular for people all over the world today.

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