I have found that trying to "fix kundalini problems" is one of the major misconceptions that actually contributes to the problem. Kundalini is not the cause of the problems, it just immensely amplifies and aggravates them. The real cause of all our problems, kundalini or other health problems, comes from our misconceptions about ourselves, our repressed emotions and how we relate to ourselves , each other, God, life in general, etc. and of course lack of exercise, improper nutrition or dietary habits, poor lifestyle choices and yes accidental injury. How we think, feel, speak, act and even breathe effect our energy bodies. If we are not in alignment or harmony with "life as it is" then the energy gets imbalanced, and if it stays that way long enough it can manifest as physical, mental or emotional disharmony or illness. The awakening of the kundalini can be a powerful blast of force into an already imbalanced energy body, further aggravating the energy blockages and increasing pain and discomfort. The imbalances were already in our energy bodies before the kundalini awakened, the kundalini did not create the problem but it can certainly cause the latent energy imbalances to manifest very quickly and sometimes very drastically, as severe pain or illness. Based on this information one can then see that any attempts at fixing the kundalini will vary greatly, the results will be marginal at best, and in many cases dangerous, as many people here have found out through their experiences with energy workers trying to fix their kundalini problem. So what is the solution ?

If our illusions, our misconceptions etc. are the real causes of the imbalances that underlie the apparent kundalini problem, then we can begin to understand more clearly why there are no easy fixes and why each kundalini sufferer requires individual consideration and there is no one solution that will work for everyone. Just because you may not have found anything to help you in the past doesn't mean there is no hope or that you can't be helped. It means the healers, or teachers that you used in the past, either didn't clearly understand the problem with trying to "fix the kundalini" or they couldn't clearly see the physical, mental and emotional imbalances that are unique to you, or were not skilled enough to safely and effectively help heal your energy body, and help you learn how to help yourself in a way that would actually produce results. We have to consider the complex issue of karma and of course, we also have to want to take responsibility for our lives, our beliefs, our choices, and our actions, which means facing and accepting our repressed emotions{ the anxiety, fear, anger,etc }, our illusions, our pain, with a open mind and loving heart. This can be immensely painful and difficult, so again, there are often no easy solutions but there are solutions, that can be very effective. I have seen many people with awakened kundalini successfully helped with their particular pain or suffering without any adverse effects. It is very unfortunate that so many people have been hurt by other healers or spiritual teachers, because this can make it very difficult to remain hopeful and open to new possibilities.

As a member of the board of an internatonal kundalini yoga center, it was my job to set up the public programs for the Guru and to talk with some of the new people who attended the programs. One man with whom I spoke, asked me whether or not I recommended he take shaktipat initiation. We talked further and I ended up "looking" at his energy. His upper chakras were over energized and the lower ones were underdeveloped, which makes one ungrounded and somewhat "spacey". He didn't have any major pain or suffering and was hoping the kundalini awakening would enhance his spiritual practice. I told him that shaktipat was entirely his decision and I gave him advice on the possible risks, which I wasn't supposed to do, because it wasn't "company policy". He decided to take the shaktipat and had disastrous results, he was bedridden. I "saw" that his imbalances were more pronounced, not restored to harmony as others had led him to believe. The Guru advised him against having healing and of course gave him the traditional belief that the Kundalini would heal him. This mans case illustrates what I have been saying. He already had the energy imbalance before the shaktipat, the awakening of his kundalini wasn't the cause of his subsequent suffering but it certainly did amplify and cause it to physically manifest, almost instantly

It is very important to understand that misconceptions are not bad, in fact I firmly believe, that freedom from suffering comes from examining and understanding the source of our suffering, to be clear about our confusion is to be clear of it, these are the first and second truths giving by the Buddha.

"Study the prison you have built around yourself, by
inadvertance. By knowing what you are not, you come to know
the Self." Nisargadatta Maharaj

"Our difficulties can be the source of our awakening. The
basic principles of spiritual life is that our problems become
the very place to discover wisdom and love." Charlo Joko Beck

Hopefully we can all learn from our misconceptions, and become free of them and the pain and suffering that they cause. I certainly have my own and have to practice constant mindfulness. Very few people clearly understand kundalini, myself included, however I do have a relatively clear understanding of healing and its effects good and bad on kundalini. I have dedicated my life to helping others wherever and whenever the opportunity arises so here I am still offering advice. I hope it is useful for your welfare and benefit in whatever small way.